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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tools: Fun with Spreadsheets!

In 2008, I started to track my auditions in a spreadsheet.  In the document, there's a page for each month where I record the necessary audition info - where, when, who my contact is, as well as what I did at the audition, what I wore, and if I got a callback or a booking from the audition.  At the end of the year, I collect all of that info into a year end 'report'

And I just wrapped 2010.  66 auditions.  A 19% 'success' rate (where the audition led to a callback or a booking).  I also know how many times I auditioned, got a callback and/or booked in theater, film/tv, commercial, industrial, voiceover and print.   So I know that my success rate for theater auditions is pretty high (30%) and for commercials it's terrible (0%).

I can also track where my auditions come from - a listing, my agent, etc.  And it turns out most of my auditions come from referrals (a casting person contacts me, and asks me to audition).

I'm looking forward to collecting more data in 2011.  Tracking bigger picture trends (what's the busiest audition month of the year?  The slowest?).   And, I need to figure out how to track the jobs I get without an audition.  Because there were several of those this past year.

Resolutions?  Nah.  But goals based on my tracking, sure!  Here goes:
  • 70 auditions in 2011
  • overall success rate of 20%
  • book a commercial
All right 2011! Let's go!

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