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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dressing the Part

For a recent commercial audition, I was asked to read for a character called 'diner waitress'.  I wore jeans, comfy shoes, and a solid colored plain (no logo) knit top.  At the audition, I saw women sporting aprons and carrying order pads. 

When I auditioned for a scientific expert character, I wore a suit, and watched others walk into the audition wearing white lab coats.

What gives?  To me this behavior is gimmicky.  It's called acting.  In terms of wardrobe for auditions, I always do my best to give a suggestion of the character with clothes that are in my closet.  After seeing this extreme costuming behavior at several auditions, I checked in w/actor friends, and it was almost universally agreed that dressing to give the suggestion of character is the way to go.

This coming Monday, I'm auditioning for a drill sergeant character.  Instructions from my agent were to 'dress the part'.  When I queried further (they don't really want me to show up in fatigues, do they?), I was told boots, khakis, and a plain top.  I think I'm going to bring my mirrored sunglasses as well, in case they want to see them.  I'm curious to see what others wear to the audition...

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