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Sunday, January 16, 2011

audition prep: research

Here's what I'm doing today.  I've got an audition soon at a small to medium local company that generates its own work.  They've asked me to come in and do some readings to introduce myself to two directors that they're working with in 2011.    That was all they gave me.

So I'm doing some research.  Started at the theater's website.  No 2011 season announced yet it said on the home page.  But, by snooping through the calendar section of the site, I think I've found the two shows and two directors that they're talking about.  Great!  Now I've got dates of shows, a little more info about the two shows, and director names.  One director I know already, so I'm on his fb page to see what new news there might be in his world.  The other director is a new name to me, but thanks to googling, I've found her personal website, and a few different resumes on the Theatre Bay Area website as well.  I can see we've got a few people in common, from companies she's worked with, and I'm good to go.

Thanks internet.  Ready to rock the upcoming audition with a bit more confidence!

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