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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sick day

Monday I woke up w/a tickle in my throat, and by the end of the day, to quote my 8 year old niece "I couldn't feel my swallows".  Tuesday the stuffiness, vocal fatigue and weird body temperatures kicked in and by Tues eve, I was sending emails and texts to everyone who was on my calendar for Weds so i could take a day of rest and healing.  It wasn't easy for me to do this.  I really resisted taking the day off. 

But I did, so I spent today spacing out, reading, catching up on my hulu queue and getting plenty of fluids and vitamins.  But also thinking about two things, two things that I think are somewhat related to each other, and to why I resisted taking the day off.

First, I don't get sick day pay.  I have a lot of different kinds of jobs right now, but none of them pay me if I'm not there to do the work.

Second, how important showing up is in what we do.  Whether it's showing up to act, to teach, or to witness a live performance, you've gotta be there to do it. 

Stay healthy my friends. So that you can show up!

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