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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Resource of the week: weird actor day jobs

Substitute teacher, santa's elf, fake medical patient, dental office front desk - all of these are jobs I've held while pursuing work as an actor. 

And, I just found a cool new source for odd jobs that is pretty complimentary to actor hours - it's called TaskRabbit - it's a website where people post things that they need done, then designated TaskRabbit 'runners' bid on those tasks, and get paid when the task is completed.  A lot of the tasks are 'can you go get this thing and bring it from one place to another?' There's also moving help, housecleaning, and some things that are a little bit more odd.  The first thing I did on TaskRabbit was make a list of 10 pizza places in SF that were open until 10pm, had a table big enough for 15 people to sit together, and weren't too loud (the person who was posting the task had a group who wanted to meet regularly and practice their english conversational skills) - I thought about places I know and like, used yelp to flesh things out, and it took about an hour - I got $25 for it. 

At this point TaskRabbit is only in the SF Bay Area, and Boston, but I'm sure they'll be expanding soon to other cities. Check it out!

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