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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A big one!

I've been a light poster the past two weeks.  And I had a good reason.  TBA Generals.  This is maybe the biggest audition for theater that one can do in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Non-equity actors get 2 minutes, equity get 3, and you get seen by just about everyone who casts anything live theater in the region, as well as maybe a few folks who cast film, tv, etc. 

So mine was on Monday, and I got through it with no major disasters.  No line flubs, no wardrobe malfunctions, no person before me doing my exact pieces.

Phew!  Something that kept me really grounded, day of, that I'm going to try and start incorporating into more audition days was a written timetable of what I'd be doing to get ready and when.  Wake up 8am, warm-up 8:30-9:30, shower 9:30, get dressed 10, leave for BART 10:30, take BART at 10:54, arrive Berkeley at 11:30, audition 12:15.  I had a schedule and I stuck to it.  I often do this in my head, or know that I've got to leave the house by a certain time to make the audition, but never have I made it all so clear for myself.  It really helped.

Maybe more about the TBAs in the next week or two, and resource of the week will be back next week.

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