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Monday, December 3, 2012

Counting Actors: November 2012

I started this project in June 2011, and have now counted over 200 shows.  To see past posts in this series, and learn how to make a contribution, please visit the Counting Actors Info Page.

8 shows counted:
San Jose Stage/Race (this is actually an October show that I somehow forgot to count!)
ACT/Elektra (Female translator not counted below; also not counted are onstage female cellist, and 4 understudies: 2m, 2f, 1 union, 1 non-union of each gender)
Golden Thread/ReOrient 2012 Series A (A festival of 6 one-act plays with multiple writers and directors and an ensemble cast, each actor featured in at least 2 pieces)
6th St Playhouse/August:Osage County
Killing My Lobster/KML Does Not Fear the End (a collaboratively written sketch show with lots of cross gender casting for both men and women)
Impact/Toil and Trouble
Aurora/Wilder Times
CenterREP/Status Update

The Stats:
6 male directors, 6 female directors
14 male writers, 9 female writers
52 total actors
27 men, 25 women
17 equity actors, 35 non-equity actors
9 union men, 8 union women
50 local actors, 2 non-local actors

Thank you so very much to the folks who continue to contribute show statistics to this blog, and to the folks who do so for the first time as well!  This month that list includes: Kristin Brownstone, Liz Gjeltsen, Phoebe Moyer, Melissa Hillman, Rosie Hallett, and Darl Andrew Packard.

I also need to thank those of you who continue to talk about and share the blog posts with your friends and colleagues.

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