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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Counting Actors October Results

This project began in June 2011.  Links to results for past months (as well as how to send in a report in the future) are here.

10 Shows counted:
Sticky Time/Crowded Fire (for this show, the writer and director are the same person)
The Magic School Bus Live! Climate Challenge/Bay Area Children's Theater (after performances in the Bay Area, this show will go on a national tour - the opposite of RIII)
Bellweather/Marin Theater Company
Hanging Georgia/TheatreFirst and Bootstrap Productions (non local actor in this production is also non union)
Delicate Balance/Aurora Theater
In the Maze of Our Own Lives/TJT (this show also has the same person writing and directing)
Clementine in the Lower 9/Theatreworks (show also has 3 onstage musicians who are all members of the musicians union; didn't include them in the count)
Almost Nothing & Day of Absence/Lorraine Hansberry Theater (entire cast of this show is people of color; also these two one acts were by different authors, but directed by one person)
The Underpants/Custom Made Theatre Co
Blackbird/Aluminous Collective

The Stats:
 3 female directors,  7 male directors
 2 female writers, 9 male writers
 66 total actors:  31 men, 35 women
 38 Equity actors, 28 Non-equity actors
 19 Equity men, 19 Equity women
 56 local actors, 10 non-local actors

Folks who shared results this month include: Tiffany Cothran, Nina Meehan, Sasha Hnatkovich, Maryssa Wanlass, Cassidy Brown, Jayne Deely, Alona Bach, Melissa Hillman and Carla Pantoja.  This group includes producers/artistic staff, cast members and audience members. 

Thanks for reading.  I'd love to see more folks within the region made aware of this project. If you feel motivated to share this blog post via semaphore flags, skywriting, smoke signals or much faster electronic means like social media tools, email or your own blog, I'd consider you a super-fantastic person.

Look for November results between December 1st and 5th.  That'll be the 6th month of Counting Actors!

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