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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Resource of the Week: the actor and social networking

Hey all - do you tweet, use facebook, linkedin, foursquare, etc? Have you thought at all about how to use these tools to further your acting career?  You should.

Here's a few places to look for ideas on how to do that. 

Chris Brogan helps small businesses use social networking more effectively.  He blogs, tweets, writes a newsletter that are all free.  He's also written some e-books and actual books.  I read his book Trust Agents, and was glad I did.  If nothing else, he advocates a 30/30/30 rule for using online tools - 30% of your time 'listening' 30% commenting or otherwise adding value to what others are putting out there and 30% of your time creating original content (status updates, tweets, etc). 

Bonnie Gillespie (who I've mentioned before) writes a terrific weekly column on the acting business.  Here's where she answers a question about when to use social networking to contact agents and casting directors, which also links to an older column that's a bit more comprehensive.

In side news, I booked an industrial for HP today! It shoots next week!


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