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Sunday, January 29, 2012

After the Audition

There's lots and lots about before the audition.  Even I've written about it here! (And for those doing Theatre Bay Area Generals next week, that post includes a link to a great post about staging general auditions).

So what about after the audition?  Here are somethings I try and do.

1) treat myself - I put a lot of prep and effort into auditions.  So that effort deserves a reward - anything from a piece of chocolate to a fancy night out - any kind of indulgence that I can look forward too, just not one with a tight time pressure, in case the audition runs super late.
2) log it - I head over to my audition spreadsheet, and write down who was in the room, what pieces I did, and what I wore.  If there was something specific I wanted to follow up on, I log that too.
3) assess - what did I do well?  where can I improve?  I like to make sure I give these questions a little time (rather than obsess about things I can't control).  I'll figure out what I need to do to repeat (or change) my process for the next audition.
4) follow up(short term) - usually I wait a few days, then send an emailed thank you note to whoever was in the room.  I might make comments related to projects that they are working on, give specifics on what I'm doing (offer a comp if I can), or point out my professional website and encourage them to visit. 
5) follow up(long term) - I figure out how I'm going to continue my relationship with the individuals I met in the audition and the institutions that they represent - do I need to watch for a season announcement at a company's website? connect via social media so I can keep up on news and goings on for that individual?  When am I going to follow up again after my initial thank you note?

For those auditioning at the TBA Generals, best of luck and break all the legs you can!!!  I sincerely hope you make some time to plan a big treat for afterwards.  You deserve it!

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