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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Counting Actors for January

This project began in June 2011 and has counted 86 shows so far.  Links to results for past months (as well as how to send in a report in the future) are here.

10 Shows counted:
Theater Rhino/Two Character Play
Tides Theater/Waiting for Godot
ACT/Humor Abuse (although not currently living locally, this is a play about someone who grew up in the Bay Area.  There is no writer credited, instead it's 'created by the director and the performer' so I've listed them both as writers)
Berkeley Rep/Ghost Light
San Jose Rep/Double Indemnity (this play is a co-production w/A Contemporary Theatre in Seattle, and so the local actors from here also did the show up there)
Palo Alto Players/Give 'Em Hell Harry
Custom Made/Little Brother (writer and director are the same person)
Julia Morgan Project/Becoming Julia Morgan
Word for Word & Z Space/Food Stories (the two writers on this piece are fiction writers, not playwrights; this company presents short fiction on stage)
TheatreWorks/The Pitmen Painters

The Stats:
5 female directors, 5 male directors
3 female writers, 9  male writers
46  total actors: 33 men, 13  women
30 Equity actors, 16 Non-equity actors
22 Equity men, 8 Equity women
33 local actors, 13 non-local actors

Folks who shared results this month include: Lauren Bloom, Sarita Ocon, Eva Rebane, Roselyn Hallett, Marilyn Langbehn, and Belinda Taylor. Thanks so much for sharing stats with me!

I'm happy to take info for February and beyond - if you're working on a show or see a show with performances in February, please visit the Counting Actors page, and take a few minutes to send me the stats.

Also, if you think these results are interesting or worth sharing, please repost, link, tweet, + or update your status accordingly. 

February's a short month, but there are a lot of shows opening then.  Look for the Feb results between March 1st and 5th.


  1. Fascinating, Valerie - thank you so much!

  2. You're welcome Anna - thanks for commenting. I'd be happy to add stats from 42nd St Moon to these monthly reports in the future!

  3. Ugh is right Megan - January 2012 seems to be one of the toughest months for female representation since I've started the project - multiple plays with no women in them at all, and I think it's worth noting the specifics of the 3 female writers credited: 1) the co-creator of Humor Abuse 2)a fiction writer as one half of a double bill of short stories as theater - the other writer is male and finally 3) a full length play written by a single credited female writer.

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