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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Don't Miss These Posts!

It's now been over a year that I've been blogging here, and I'm really thrilled with how the readership is growing.

But there are a few posts that for some reason (glitches w/the feed to facebook, posted at weird times), really didn't get the number of readers that they deserve.  Here's some links to check out!

1) How is success like flossing? This post links to a post by Chris Brogan, a media/business/technology guy - I think it's really relevant to the actor's day to day.
2) Why Kneehigh? A post with thoughts about local casting vs. non-local casting that compares the issue to the local food movement.
3) The Actor and Social Networking culls the thoughts of a few experts on how actors can effectively use social networking tools for their careers.
4) A Checklist will help you take a look at the different tools we use to audition and solicit work, and get them in top shape!

5) making habits, getting productive is a post about a super simple online tool that can help you create better habits and get things done!

Also, in case you didn't notice, I'm now taking requests!

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