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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

girl walk all day

For me, sometimes creative works can become talismans for my own creativity - they inspire, recharge, provide glimpses of recognition - like this and this have done. 

But this video project has completely undone me and moved me greatly.  If you're not up to speed, Girl Talk is a DJ/musician known for mash-ups and sampling.  His album All Day is roughly an hour of continuous hip-hop, 80's/90's riffs, and your favorite bit of almost every pop song. (and is great to blast when I need to motivate for major cleaning projects). The team at Girl Walk decided to take the album and make a dance music video to match it - they've been releasing it online in chapters since November, and concluded it this week. 

The narrative focuses on 3 dancers and a day in NYC where they interact with each other, with other dancers, and with the people of New York, who sometimes dance with them, sometimes don't. 

I am in awe of the scope and ambition of this project.  Of the making of art in public spaces.  Of the bravery of the dancers for dancing on boats, scooters, sidewalks, and even at I think Yankee Stadium. 

The story tugs at me - the quest to find the community of people who speak your artistic language or are willing to learn/accept/try, and the surprising places where you find it; the willingness to march to your own drummer and get others to be in the parade. 

Watch for yourself.  Here's chapter one:

The website for the project is

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