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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Counting Actors: the first 100 shows BAPP only

In this post, I'm looking at the subset of Counting Actors data that features shows on the Bay Area Project Policy (or BAPP).  This Equity Code (not contract), "is primarily intended to give members of Actors' Equity Association the opportunity to present themselves as Actors and Stage Managers in limited run, low budget productions, as a showcase. Additionally, the BAPP may be used to provide short-term assistance to low budget Producers who demonstrate a commitment and an ability to develop into Equity contract
theatres."  (from

In other words, the BAPP allows producers to hire Equity members at a stipend only rate, provided they meet a list of conditions as laid out by Equity.

There were 8 BAPP shows in the first 100 (or 8%)

These 8 shows had:

3 male directors, 5 female directors (38% and 62%)
5 male writers, 3 female writers (62% and 38%)
48 total actors
25 male actors, 23 female actors (52% and 48%)
18 total union actors, 30 total non-union actors (38% and 62%)
10 male union actors, 8 female union actors (55% and 45%)

All actors were local actors

The shows and companies were:

Just Theater/Down and Little Dirt Road and The Internationalist
The Aluminous Collective/Blackbird
Sleepwalkers/The Nature Line
Parker Street Odditorium and Dirty Swan Projects Presents/QuatreVingtQuatre
Tides Theater/Waiting for Godot
Dragon Productions/Streetcar Named Desire
Symmetry Theater/Patience Worth

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