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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Counting Actors, February 2012

Welcome to the current installment of the Counting Actors project.  Thanks to the generosity of the Bay Area theater community, I have been able to make these reports since June 2011, and as of this month, Counting Actors has counted 100 shows!  To view past results, and learn how to contribute a report in the future, please go here.

14 Shows counted:
Marin Theater Company/A Steady Rain
Aurora/Body Awareness
Berkeley Rep/Doctor In Spite of Himself
Willows/A Light in the Piazza (since this is a musical, there are multiple entries in the 'writer' category, to count the book writer and the music/lyrics writer, both male)
Impact/Titus Andronicus (one traditionally male character, Lucius, is played by a woman)
CCT/Trip to Bountiful
Center Rep/Arms and the Man
Lorraine Hansberry/Blue/Orange
Virago/Taste of Honey
CounterPulse/Hold Me Closer Tiny Dionysus
SF Playhouse/Becky Shaw
Cutting Ball/Tontlawald (2 directors credited on this production, both female)
Magic/Jesus in India

The Stats:
12 female directors, 3 male directors
5 female writers, 10 male writers
100 total actors: 56 men, 44  women
42 Equity actors, 58 Non-equity actors
24 Equity men, 18 Equity women
80 local actors, 20 non-local actors

I really appreciate the folks who have shared stats with me this month. They include actors, stage managers, directors, artistic directors, audience members, and theater administrators.  Thank you Sasha Hnatovich, Melissa Hillman, Corrie Bennett, Eva Rebane, Roselyn Hallett, Anna Bullard, Phoebe Moyer, Laura Lundy-Paine and Lauren Bloom.

Thanks for reading and supporting this project.  Me and my Excel spreadsheet are ready to take your counts for shows performing in March and beyond! Again, go here for how to send in the info. 

And please, if you think these results are interesting or worth sharing, please repost, link, tweet, + or update your status accordingly.

March results up between April 1st and 5th.

And, look for a special post with additional details pulled from the first 100 plays of the Counting Actors project in the next few days...

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