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Friday, September 20, 2013

Counting Actors, shows 201-300, Contracts without weeks

To compare this data to shows 101-200, go here.  To compare this to shows 1-100 and to learn what 'without weeks' means, go here.

To read every post there is in the '100 shows' group, go here.  You'll see all the posts that look at the Counting Actors project by groups of 100.

This is post 3 of 4 in a series of posts that break down the shows by type of contract used.  The two previous looked at non-union shows, and shows that used the BAPP.  The next post will look at shows that use contracts with health weeks.

There were 10 shows (10%) that used union contracts that don't provide health weeks.

Those 10 shows had:

8 male directors, 3 female directors (73%, 27%)
8 male writers, 3 female writers (73%, 27%)
95 total actors
64 male actors, 31 female actors (67%, 33%)
22 union actors, 73 non union actors (23%, 77%)
Of the union actors, 13 were male, 9 were female. (59%, 41%)
All 95 of these actors were local. (100%)

The companies/shows that used contracts without weeks were:

Crowded Fire/410 [GONE] & The Bereaved
Indra's Net/Copenhagen
Mugwumpin/The Great Big Also
Shotgun/Woyzeck, Shipwreck & By and By
Livermore Shakespeare/Taming of the Shrew & The Liar

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