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Monday, September 16, 2013

Counting Actors: General Stats for shows 201-300

To compare this data to shows 1-100, go here.  To compare this data to shows 101-200, go here.

To back track through ALL of the show data examined in groups of 100, go here.

Shows 201-300 (aka the 3rd hundred) had:

67 male directors, 46 female directors (co-directing situations as well as including music directors for musicals in this group means that the total is greater than 100 directors for 100 shows)

94 male writers, 44 female writers (some shows were co-written, other shows were groups of one-acts by different writers.  All writing team collaborators on a musical - book, lyrics, composer - are included in the writers group.)

This means 59% male directors, 41% female directors.  It's 68% male writers and 32% female writers.

822 actors worked on these 100 shows, for an average cast size of 8.2.  The largest cast show was ACT's Christmas Carol, with a cast of 46 actors. No solo shows in this group, but many 2 person casts.  These actors included 461 men, 361 women (56%, 44%), 294 union members and 528 non-union members (36%, 64%), and 739 locals and 83 non-local actors (90%, 10%).

Of the 294 union members, 180 were men and 114 were women (61%, 39%).  Non-local actors taken as a portion of the union talent means that 72% of the equity jobs went to local talent, 28% to folks from out of town.

In the next week or so, I'll slice this data a few different ways, following the groupings I set with the previous hundreds - I'll split things out by time period, and also by type of union contract.  Again, you can read all of the past posts in this series by going here.

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