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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


No, it's not a delicious new breakfast meat (that was my first thought anyway), it's the Theatre Bay Area Annual Conference!

It's happening next Monday, May 14th and has speakers, a vendor faire, breakout sessions and all kinds of info for all kinds of theatermakers.  You can go for the full day, or just for the evening 'after hours' sessions.  And, if you've got the time but not the money, they still need volunteers.

I'm super excited to be moderating a breakout session on gender parity for the conference.  Here's the program description of the panel:
Research tells us that women make up the majority of ticket buyers and theatre attendees. Yet, the issue remains that work of, for and with women make up a disproportionately smaller percentage of programming field-wide. Join this discussion as we look at how this issue affects the Bay Area theatre scene and what the future might look like.
This panel happens from 3-4pm - come on by and say hi!

For info on TBACON, including registration and a preview of the conference program, go here.


  1. Your panel topic sounds excellent - wish I could be there but I have a day job! Hope you will report back.

  2. I'm super excited that you are moderating a panel too - sounds awesome!

  3. Marissa - I'll definitely report back on the panel. Any particular questions you have or aspects of the topic you want to see discussed? (Same goes for anyone else reading - leave a comment or email countingactors (at)