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Monday, December 20, 2010

Resource of the Week: Blogroll

So, I've been working on the blogroll feature of this blog, and there's a lot of good stuff over there!  I want to point out especially the working actor's advice in Bonnie Gillespie's The Actor's Voice. Bonnie is an LA based casting director, and her column and column archives are full of helpful info.  I also particularly enjoy the day to day exploits of both The Working Actress and The Struggling Actress.

There are several blogs which chronicle the Bay Area theater scene over there, including Chad Jones's blog, and The Idiolect (written by TBA's Sam Hurwitt).

And a few places to get in discussions about the bigger picture of the theater world: 2amt (asking the theater questions that keep you up at 2am.  And Parabasis, which used to talk theater more exclusively, but is changing into a slightly broader blog.

And, you're using a feed reader to keep track of the blogs you like to read, right?  Google Reader, FeedDemon.  I have these two sync'ed up, so I can read blogs on my phone or at home or anywhere I want.

Happy reading!!

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