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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Counting Actors March 2013

This month's edition of Counting Actors features 11 shows, and brings the total count to 247!   Visit the Counting Actors page for links to past posts, how to contribute, and other info relating to this project which I started in June 2011.

The March/April issue of Theatre Bay Area has an article by Velina Brown about various feminist theater companies and advocacy projects and mentions the Counting Actors project.  Look for an article by me, with some cumulative info on blog data and reactions from the community in the May/June issue of the magazine.  I'll post a link when it becomes available online.

11 shows counted:
Cutting Ball/The Chairs
ACT/Dead Metaphor (2 male and 2 female union understudies are not included in count below)
Berkeley REP/Fallaci
Mugwumpin&Z Space/The Great Big Also (no writer credited for this production - ensemble developed piece)
Central Works/The Grand Inquisitor (one male actor played multiple roles incl. F 'beggar woman' character)
Theatre Rhino/A Lady and A Woman
3 Girls Theatre/ 3 Shorts - The Things We Do for Love
3 Girls Theatre/The Couch
Theatreworks/The Mountaintop
San Jose Stage/Red
Berkeley Playhouse/Guys and Dolls (male director, male music director, writing team is 3 men - 1 composer and 2 book/lyrics; cast includes 4 children - 2 boys, 2 girls who alternate performances of 2 roles)

The Stats:
7 male directors, 5 female directors
8 male writers, 4 female writers
61 total actors
32 men, 29 women
21 equity actors, 39 non-equity actors
12 union men, 9 union women
55 local actors, 6 non-local actor

Cast members, audience members and producer/writers contributed to this month's count.  Thank you so much to: Tamar Cohn, Phoebe Moyer, Carol Lashof, Suze Allen, Patricia Milton, Amy Clare Tasker, Anne Hallinan, Kelly Ground, Lily Tung Crystal and Aaron Wilton.

As always, your continued conversation about the statistics with your friends and theater colleagues is appreciated, whether virtual or in-person.  Check the #femtheatre hashtag for discussion on this and related conversation.


  1. Sorry. I should have sent in info about adjust One More Game
    2 men, 2 women (all non-union)
    Female director
    Male playwright

  2. Thanks Dan! - happy to take info for shows with performances in April at this point. Please go to the Counting Actors page (link in the first paragraph of this post) for the info I need, and where to send it.