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Friday, August 17, 2012

Reading Assignment

I just keep giving you homework, don't I.

Two things to read:
1) over at the NY Times, there's a feature in their opinion section called 'room for debate' - several opinion columns on the same topic from different writers.  A recent topic in this section is 'How Can Women Gain Influence in Hollywood?'  It's focused on writing/directing/producing and has lots of great thoughts and perspectives.

A couple of points I like:

I don't believe men maliciously choose men over women in employment decisions, but there is a certain laziness that has set in from habit. Why cast a female soldier when we are used to casting a male one? Why create a marketing campaign for girls when we already know how to market to boys? 


When Hollywood’s business side finally and consistently matches women's storytelling prowess with a recognition of and commitment to the evolving communities that engage around their story worlds, women will rise everywhere as a result.

The entire thing is here.

2) The super fantastic Alicia Coombes has an article up on a new online magazine called Art Animal, a magazine focused on women's art.  Her article is about the Bay Area's gender parity company Symmetry Theatre, and also has a few quotes from yours truly about the Counting Actors project.  Take a look here!

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