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Friday, June 1, 2012

Counting Actors May 2012

8 Shows Counted:
ACT/Play & Endgame (count below does not include local union understudies 2m,1w)
Aluminous Collective/Dusk Rings a Bell
Playground/Best of Playground 16 (festival of 7 short plays with 7 directors, 7 writers and 2 composers incl. as writers below)
San Jose Rep/The Understudy
Shotgun/Great Divide
Cutting Ball/Tenderloin (the director and writer are the same person - piece is a collage of first person interviews collected by the artists involved)
Berkeley Playhouse/Lucky Duck (not credited as actors below are 21 youth performers, 19f, 2m, 2 credited as directors on this piece are director and music director, 3 credited as writers are the music/book/lyrics writers)
City Lights/In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play

The Stats:
5 male directors, 11 female directors
12 male writers, 7 female writers
63 total actors, 34 male, 29 female
21 union actors, 42 non-union actors
12 union men, 9 union women
60 local actors, 3 non-local

Thanks so much to all who helped count this month, including Melissa Hillman, Karen Thompson Hall and Alona Bach

Please share these stats with others, use them to start conversations, and if you see a show or are working on a show with June performances, go here to learn more about how to share the stats w/this project. 

June stats will go up between July 1 and July 5.

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