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Monday, April 2, 2012

Counting Actors, March 2012

Here are the stats on the 8 shows counted in March.  To learn more about this project, including how to contribute, visit this page.  To read all the posts in this series, going back to June 2011, go here.

8 shows counted:
SF Playhouse/The Aliens
Shotgun Players/Voyage
Berkeley Playhouse/Pirates of Penzance (notable in this production: The Pirate King was played by an African-American woman)
Collage Theater/Box City
Intersection&Campo Santo/Tree City Legends (this production included 2m musicians and 1f musician not counted below)
Diablo Theater Company/Legally Blonde
RetroDome/Becoming Britney
CentralWorks/Mesmeric Revelations

The Stats:
5 male directors, 3 female directors
8 male writers, 4 female writers (this number includes the lyrics, book, and music writers for musicals Penzance, Blonde and Britney)
96 total actors
54 male actors, 42 female actors
10 union actors, 86 non-union actors
6 male union actors, 4 female union actors
92 local actors, 4 non-local actors

Thanks to Dan Wilson, Karen Thompson Hall, Phoebe Moyer, Eva Rebane, Lauren Bloom and Darl Andrew Packard for sharing stats with me.

Look for April stats between May 1st and May 5th.  And if you're working on a show or see a show with performances in April, please take a moment to share the info.

Check it out!  The East Bay Express has an article about gender imbalance and local theater.  Thanks Rachel Swan for mentioning the blog in your article!

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