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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Resource of the Week: Classes

Do you take class?  I do.  Here's a list of my reasons why: fitness - this is part of the movement work especially - having a body that's ready to work, not sore, tight and flabby.  Grounding and connection to breath - I definitely get this in my voicework, but can find it in the movement work as well, and then test it all in my acting class.  Socializing w/other actors - at class I can find out who is reading for what, who is casting now, etc.  It's not my only source for this info, but it's definitely one of them. A place to practice being the actor I want to be, but without a result attached to it - there's no role on the line, no critic watching, just me and my classmates and the person teaching.  It's a place to grow.

From the list below, I usually do 2-3 per week.

Acting class:  I'm in the Seydways Studios Professional Actors Lab.

Voice class: I take a Fitzmaurice voice workshop taught by Cynthia Bassham at Seydways in SF.

Seydways website is here.

Movement classes:

Suzuki technique with Jeffrey Bihr

Yoga at Yoga Mayu with Gisella or Christopher

Fusion Rhythms Dance Workout at Rhythm and Motion

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